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Natural products created for the well-being of your horse.

The products from the Horse of The World brand are the result of a close collaboration between vets and equestrian professionals, made by our laboratory Diamex, well-known and reputed for their excellent care products for cats and dogs.

Horse of The World offers a range of unique, high quality products devised for the horse’s well-being, the result of a perfect combination of the benefits of nature and the wealth of our experience. No tolerance testing has been conducted on animals, in terms of both the well-being of the horse and its owner, with our products tested using alternative methods to ensure that the entire range is completely harmless.

Horse of The World products are sold exclusively in saddleries.

An environmentally-friendly gesture

A pump for the 5L  containers is also on offer so you can easily refill containers or spray cans. A simple and effective gesture for ease of use and the benefit of your environment.